So what’s the deal yo?

After years of being bombarded by images and stories of war, million dollar homes, power hungry politicians, drug addicted celebrities, gang violence, sex, drugs, religious fanaticism, false information and fear mongering spewed out by the mass media machines of America; We at Cash, Culture, and Violence began to look to really look at all this and break down what we see in the world today, or at least what we see of the world through the eyes of the American media. It all seems to break down to a Culture founded on Cash brought about through Violence. If you don’t have the Cash to get what you want you can always resort to Violence, that seems to be a common theme in our Culture, especially enforced by our government. Here we bring you bits and pieces of things floating around in our minds nurtured by these media machines and created for you to wear. So next time the world has got you down and you wonder “What the fuck happened?” Just remember it all breaks down to Cash, Culture, and Violence.




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