life isn’t easy..

I don’t know how you were raised and I don’t know how much support you have for your passions, but at the end of the day (life) all that matters is how happy you are. Don’t go into life thinking about money, money should be the least of your problems.When you get yourself caught up in the rat race you will find yourself miserable and taint your creative process. When you aren’t pure in your intentions an amass of problems comes to the forefront. When you begin to chase money you begin to lose hope, and use shortcuts. I’ve seen it in my personal life.

There are several hundred people who want to be doctors just because they don’t have enough confidence in their dream to dedicate the time to it. That loss in confidence comes from listening to people who lost confidence intheir dreams. There are several hundred people going to school for something they DO NOT love because they think they won’t be able to survive by living their dreams. 

Life isn’t easy, but living a life that you don’t love is even harder. You will encounter hiccups, and you will face adversity but you will prevail if you persevere through.


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