My existence is not their matter what’s in my way.

I’m a guy’s guy, I know I’m a guy. A guy that has friends over to watch the game or a fight. A guy who works hard, takes pride in his work and provides value to his company and clients. A guy who knows how to fish, shoot a gun, and build a fire. A guy who plays sports and is always up for a pick-up game. A guy who is there when called upon by his friends. A guy who loves and takes care of his family. A guy who knows music, fashion, and foods. A guy who has a tool box and can tell you what tools are in which drawer. A guy who can change a flat and parallel park. My role has always been that of the “go to guy” I stay cool, calm, and collected. I know what needs to be done, what it’s going to take and how to do it right and if I don’t I figure it out. This is how I’ve felt since I was a young kid, it’s just part of me. I’m also the guy who knows how to be compassionate, sensitive and knows how to love. The best thing in life is being in love, sharing love. I’m very passionate about people and relationships, and again this is how I’ve been ever since I can remember. I’m glad I have these values, they’ve helped me in every aspect of my life. Growing up we had a simple existence. I just saw that it was possible to have anything in life you just had to go out and get it. It was clear that nothing would just be handed to me. And it seemed that there were so many different and exciting things “out there”. Why not go out and see what I can accomplish? What I can do? What I can make of myself? Find out what things I love, what things I don’t? I wanted to go out, develop my character and be a well-rounded human being. I wanted to be able to be sitting in my rocking chair 70, 80 years down the road, look back at life and say, “It was worth going for it all.”


2 Responses to “My existence is not their matter what’s in my way.”

  1. you and phyl are two of the raddest human beings on this planet.

  2. y creo que el camino por el que vas es el correcto para lograr el objetivo que te marcas

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