Vija and Jansen

San Francisco… It’s not the best, the greatest or even #1 in the best cities in the world, shit! They’re the home of the giants and 49ers pretty sorry. Any who, I enjoy going up every year for a week or so. Last year we met a waitress at mortons her name is Vija.. Dope chick! Well, this year we went back in and saw her.. Had dinner chilled talked and she invited my wife and I to Sunday brunch. The morning was cool endless mimosas and pretty good eggs. Her husband was way rad too we clicked, the both of us had a lot in common and so do our gals.. We finished up brunch and headed out to Berkeley with them. We drove to Cal state and then up to the science center.. The view is awesome! Drove back down and hit telegraph..super dope shops and a mix of nutty peeps. We had some beers at mannys taps and then went back to Vija and Jansens place. Vija had made a chocolate cake a couple days before so she gave us some…cake was on point! We finished watching some football and bounced. Took the BART back to SF witness some gay dudes bash on these guys that were making fun of them.. Gay dudes kicked ass..fucken killers yo! We got to SF ate some blondies pizza and enjoyed our evening. Hasta, San Francisco.. Love your city, hate your teams. Peace!



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